Genealogy of Carl W Heikel Kullak

This page is dedicated to the history of the Heikel and Kullak families

The families of my father Pehr Wilhelm (Guillermo) Heikel , my mother Delia Irma Kullak, and the older generations before them.

Researching in genealogy is like traveling in time.

In the context of the time in history our ancestors lived, they made decisions that greatly affected the next coming generations : to emigrate and leave everything behind them - to flee from war and invading enemy troops or to move to another part of the world looking for a better future for themselves and their families.

This family has a story to tell. Join me in this interesting travel through centuries. This web page has been created for the sole purpose of sharing the information about our families, that I have managed to gather. Let this knowledge about our roots be a legacy to our children, cousins, and other relatives around the world.

My gratitude goes to the late Ilmo Heikinheimo, author of the first book about the Heikel - Heikinheimo family back in 1980.

To the great voluntary work done by the members of the Heikel Heikinheimo Family Society since 1966.

To Yrjänä Heikinheimo for the many years of work dedicated to gathering information about the different branches of the family, and then publishing the second edition of the "Genealogia Heikeliana" in March of 2001.

To the late Kurt Michael Felden Kullak for his generosity in sharing the results of his research.

Finally, to you reading this page, I welcome your input to enhance, correct or in any way improve the contents.

Greensboro, North Carolina, September 24, 2011

Carl Heikel